Alcohol Drug Information School (ADIS) in King County

Have you been ordered to complete a course in an Alcohol Information School as part of your court requirement or DUI sentence? Associated Behavioral Health offers a weekly State-approved course at all of our 4 Seattle area locations. It fulfills the legal requirements established under the Washington Administrative Code for court-referred clients.

Are you looking for a class or course to provide answers on your own? Our school will provide valuable drug and alcohol information and feedback.

(ADIS) Alcohol Drug Information School at our West Seattle, North Seattle, Bellevue or Kent locations.

Our Alcohol Drug Information course is non-judgmental. You won’t find disapproval here.

Instead, you spend eight hours in an informative, neutral and empowering environment with ADIS instructors who possess the educational background and required certification to teach the Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse approved curriculum. Our instructors also hold, at a minimum, chemical dependency counselor credentials.

Over the 8-hour course we provide our students with valuable information about alcohol and other drugs.

  • How drugs and alcohol affect your mind and body
  • How to recognize the signs of addiction
  • How to take steps toward better decision-making
  • How alcohol and drugs could be affecting your family, job and well-being
  • How change occurs in stages and how to recognize what stage you are in
  • What the laws are and what the legal consequences for breaking them are
  • What assistance is available for making changes

By the conclusion of the course, you’ll have the knowledge to make responsible decisions regarding alcohol and other drug use. If you find you need additional help, discuss it with your instructor.

Alcohol and Drug Discussion Forum

We encourage an open and direct discussion about alcohol and other drug use in our classroom. Exploring the effects of alcohol and other drug use on themselves, their families and their world is a healthy way to reach conclusions that promote and motivate change. Our reputation for quality and student involvement is why we are consistently referred to by the region’s Court and probation departments, as well as the area’s finest attorneys.

Click here to view our 2019 schedule.

Click here to view our 2020 schedule.

Associated Behavioral Health offers ADIS classes once weekly, with individual sessions available by appointment. Click on the link above, or call: (800) 858-6702


  • Our agency is state certified.
  • Court documentation (class results) are available the day of class.
  • Multiple locations are available for you to choose from.
  • Classes are offered every Saturday.
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