FAQs – Drug and Alcohol Assessments at ABHC


What is the cost of a drug and alcohol assessment?

Associated Behavioral Health Care prides itself on being extremely competitive on pricing for our drug and alcohol assessments. We’re part of a large network of qualified providers with strategic geographic locations. This has opened the doors for us to become preferred providers for most major insurance carriers.

At the same time, we recognize that not everyone has an insurance plan that covers drug and alcohol evaluations. For this reason, we offer sliding scale and payment plan options for those in need of financial assistance.

Please call our offices to get a quote on any of our services. We’ll also help you with prequalifying for our sliding scale options if you need the help.

Do you provide Drug and Alcohol Evaluations outside of King County or Snohomish County?

We are licensed to provide Drug and Alcohol Evaluations anywhere within Washington state. We have 4 Seattle area locations offering drug and alcohol assessments – in West Seattle, North Seattle, Bellevue & Kent.

Do you offer video Drug and Alcohol Assessments?

While the technology exists to provide HIPAA compliant video sessions, Washington’s Department of Health does not allow them. In addition, we believe that video sessions wouldn’t allow us to provide the quality of drug and alcohol evaluation you deserve. For these reasons, we schedule the evaluations at one of our offices.

Do you provide follow-up treatment based on the results of the drug and alcohol evaluation?

Yes, we offer different programs, which are designed to provide the best treatment based upon the conclusions drawn from your drug and alcohol assessment. For example, if this is your first court-mandated assessment, placing you in an intensive program is likely a poor fit. However, if you have a history of arrests for DUI, the type of program you’ll benefit most from may be one of our longer drug or alcohol treatment plans.

Does the Drug and Alcohol Assessment Require a Urine or Drug Test?

If the test is court mandated, testing is a part of the drug and alcohol evaluation. The screening will cover a broad spectrum of substances.

Why are drug and alcohol evaluations required for court?

There are several situations in which the court orders you to participate in a drug and alcohol assessment. If you have been arrested for DUI, this evaluation is mandatory. Because substance abuse, and drug and alcohol dependence is also often associated with some criminal behaviors, the evaluation may be ordered after an arrest.