About Us

Associated Behavioral Health has specialists on hand and waiting to help.  Our drug and alcohol experts provide assessments, testing and addiction help around the Seattle area, and our team of experienced psychologists and mental health professionals are here to provide effective treatment for depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, bipolar, and more. Contact one of our 4 Puget Sound locations today:
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How We Got Started

Associated Behavioral Health Care, Inc. (ABHC) has four locations and has seen well over 500,000 clients since its doors opened in 1995. We are one of only a handful of companies across the US that provide all facets of behavioral Health care including, but not limited to psychiatry, TMS, psychology, psych testing, chemical dependency counseling and assessments, domestic violence and medication management services. We employee over fifty-five staff members including, MDs, PHD’s, master level clinicians and administrative staff.

Our Founders

Our Practices

ABHC provides Medical, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse/Chemical Dependency outpatient behavioral health services in the Puget Sound region. It is currently one of the largest providers of behavioral health outpatient services in Washington State. Over its 20+ year history, ABHC has built a reputation amongst the health care and legal community that is second to none.


Our, dedicated, compassionate staff of psychologists, physicians, certified counselors, and administrators are among the best in the Northwest, and are committed to supporting you and your loved ones when you need us. Our multiple locations offer treatment and educational services for all ages with a broad range of therapeutic needs.