Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are your services confidential?

Absolutely. Associated Behavioral Health Care takes your confidentiality extremely seriously. We understand your need for privacy and consider confidentiality a cornerstone to your experience with us, whether you are reaching out for information about scheduling a drug and alcohol assessment or one of our other services.

From the moment of first contact you can be confident your information will never be shared with anyone who is not legally entitled to receive it. This is more than a mandate of HIPPA (State and Federal laws about keeping medical records private). It’s something we value as individuals within our office.

If you have questions about how we protect your information, please ask. We will be happy to provide you with all the documentation we have outlining our responsibilities with respect to your confidentiality.

How soon can I get in to see a counselor?

You are our first priority at Associated Behavioral Health Care. We do our best to get an appointment set up within 24 hours of your call. If it’s possible, we’ll even schedule you the same day. Drug and alcohol evaluations and chemical dependency counseling can almost always be scheduled within a day.

The exact availability of our mental health and medication providers change daily, so we recommend you call us at (800) 858-6702.

Let us provide you with unparalleled service!

Can you send my paperwork to an outside source?

We will gladly forward any records to an outside agency or provider once we have your written consent. Come in to one of our office locations to complete the form in person, or print and sign the consent form found through the link below. Please return by fax to (425) 671-6198 or scan to PDF or JPG, and then email the form to (Make sure you specify what you are asking ABHC to send in either the body of the email or the fax cover sheet.)

General Consent Form

For Department of Licensing (DOL) requests please use the specific DOL Consent Form below.

DOL Consent Form

What is the cost of your  drug treatment program?

Associated Behavioral Health Care has developed some competitively priced and effective, state-approved drug treatment programs. We’re preferred providers for most major insurance carriers. For those who do not have insurance, or who need financial assistance with their copay, we offer sliding scale and payment plan options.

Because we offer a wide range of service options, from assessment to ongoing treatment, providing a price quote without knowing your needs isn’t practical at this time. Please call our offices to get a quote on any of our services or to see if you qualify for our sliding scale options.

Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance Billing at ABHC

Can I bill ADIS (Alcohol & Drug Information School), Early Intervention, Domestic Violence or Anger Management to my Health Insurance?

Insurance companies do not recognize ADIS and Early Intervention as a medical necessity. Both are educational programs that have no medical diagnosis associated with them. A valid medical need is required for billing health insurance.

Some programs such as Anger Management might be legally necessary, but not medically necessary.

Why am I paying a deductible? I thought I just had a co-pay?

Co-pay’s are usually applicable for office visits only. Certain services are not considered office visits, such as Intensive Outpatient (IOP) groups and Psychological / ADHD testing. Your therapy visits may have a co-pay only.

However, should you have a deducible, the testing and/or IOP may go towards your deductible which will be reflected on your statement. Please call your insurance company and ask before your appointment.

How will I know if my insurance will pay for my Neuro Psych / ADD / ADHD testing?

Contact your insurance company to see if your plan is eligible. There are quite a few insurance plans that will NOT pay unless you’ve had head trauma or symptoms of early Alzheimer’s.

We usually bill testing with procedure codes 96101 and 96118, with diagnosis codes F90.0, F90.1 or F90.2. If your insurance company requires authorization, please make sure you obtain authorization for ABHC before beginning any testing.

I just got insurance this month, can you bill my services from the past to them?

No, insurance coverage only applies to services provided within the effective dates of your policy. We can only bill for dates that fall within your coverage start and end date.

Will you bill my entire Chemical Dependency program to my insurance before I start the program?

No, we can only bill services after they have occurred. We bill your insurance one claim at a time as you complete the service.

Will my insurance pay for my court-ordered treatment?

Most will pay as long as there is an associated medical diagnosis or medical necessity. However, there are certain insurance companies that will NOT pay no matter the diagnosis. Please contact your insurance for clarification.

Certain Assessments such as Child Custody or Parenting Assessments are not billable to health insurance because these assessments have no medical basis whatsoever.

I have Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Illinois. Why are you billing a different insurance company?

Many large companies such as Boeing and UPS contract their behavioral health benefits to other companies such as Value Options, MHN, Magellan and United Health Care. Look at the back of your card. You may find there is a different phone number or address for Mental Health/Substance abuse benefits.

In and Out of network benefits are applicable with the behavioral health company contracted and not the primary insurance carrier on the front of your card. Please call the number associated with behavioral health services located on the back of your card before your appointment.

Why is my co-pay with ABHC different from my regular doctor’s co-pay?

Many times insurance companies assign different copays for specialists and PCPs (primary care physicians. Call your insurance company and check which co-pay applies to ABHC.

Will my insurance cover my DUI assessment?

Not only will ABHC’s drug and alcohol assessment satisfy all court-related requirements, most insurance plans will cover your assessment if we determine there is a diagnosable drug or alcohol related issue present.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your drug and alcohol evaluation will be billable until after the assessment. Very few insurance plans will cover a drug and alcohol assessment when the assessment doesn’t’ result in a determined diagnosis.

How do deductibles work?

Deductibles are the portion of your health care costs that you are responsible for before your insurance will begin paying their percentage. Until your deductible has been met, your insurance provider will consider ALL invoices to your responsibility.

For example, if you have a $250 deductible, your statements will reflect client instead of insurance until that $250 is met. Once your deductible is satisfied, you can expect your insurance to cover its portion, while you cover the co-pay.

I thought my insurance paid at 100%. Why do I have a balance?

We encourage you to make sure the provider you are scheduled with is an in-network provider. Unless this is the case, your insurance coverage may be different from what you expect. The best way to make sure ABHC is an in-network provider with your insurance plan is to contact your insurance company directly.

I have a Labor & Industries claim. Can I see an ABHC Provider?

ABHC has some mental health providers holding contracts within the L&I network, and we would be happy to help you. However, it is essential that you gain authorization from your Claims Manager at L&I before seeing even an L&I approved-provider. Otherwise, you may be the one paying the bill. We cannot bill L&I without prior billing authorization.

Can I use my Medicare Part B to pay for my Chemical Dependency program?

Unfortunately, we cannot bill Medicare Part B for our Chemical Dependency (CD) programs. Although Medicare Part B will pay for Chemical Dependency treatment, it can only be used on a certain level of provider. ABHC CD groups are facilitated by CDP and LMHC’s. Medicare ONLY pays for our LICSW, PhD, MD and DO level providers only.

What insurance companies is ABHC in network with?

Chemical Dependency:

Regence Blue Shield, Premera Blue Cross, Aetna, First Choice Health, Group Health, United Health Care, Lifewise of Washington, Bridgespan Health, Value Options and most Blue Card plans (out of state Blue Cross/ Blue Shield cards). Some companies are affiliated with these companies and will count as in network as well.

Mental Health claims as a group:

MHN, Premera Blue Cross, United Health Care, Lifewise of Washington and Aetna.

Mental Health Provider – Individual:

Regence Blue Shield, TriCare, Medicare, Cigna Health Care, First Choice Health,
Group Health Co-op and Labor & Industries.

These lists are constantly evolving. If you do not see your insurance company listed above, please contact 425-646-7279 for the most current information.

ABHC is not in network with my insurance. Can I still make an appointment?

Of course. We encourage you to call your insurance company to determine what your “Out of Network” benefits will be. Then we will work with you so you are able to pay for your portion either at the time of service, or through one of our payment plans.

ABHC also makes arrangements with self-paying clients.