ABHC Staff

Alexander Bard, Chief Executive Officer
Kalyan Dandala, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director
Arlen Savitt, MBA, President
Darla Capetillo, PhD, Director of Mental Health Services
Ryan Nichols, M.Div, CDP Director of Chemical Dependency Services


Medical Division

John Dolan, MD
Suzie (Nga) Lieu, ARNP
Power Capote, ARNP
Arabelle Estrada, ARNP
Annette Anderson, ARNP


Michelle Cabrera, TMS Coordinator
Bradley Palitz, TMS Admin Assistant
Carree Williams, TMS Specialist
Chris Hagenbuch, TMS Specialist
Karen Klinefelter, TMS Specialist



Chemical Dependency

Susan Rubens, CDP, MA, LMHC, Lead CD Clinician
Kevin Cole CDP
Lisa Avelar CDPT
Lisa Cannistraci CDPT
Michelle Brownlee CDPT
Julie Jennings, CDP, Lead CD Clinician
Janna Johnson, CDP, Lead CD Clinician
Becky Price, CDP, Lead CD Clinician
Jennifer Lambert, CDPT
Shawna Mokler, CDPT
Leslie Braggs, CDPT