We are getting to that time of year again. Shorter days, more grey skies and less intense sun when we have it. It is a hazard of living in the beautiful Northwest, with North being the primary culprit. As with many mammals, humans respond to the seasons. They may have been evolutionary value to this in past, but with the demands of our electrified, industrial life leave many feeling depressed during the winter months. When this leads to significant dysfunction in ones life, the seasonal sub-type of Major Depression may be occurring. This is commonly called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. In the mild presentation, merely spending more time outdoors in the morning and increasing exercise while reducing general stress may help. In more severe case, medications and light therapy may be indicated, but should start with an evaluation by your Primary Care Provider for medical causes for depressed mood. At ABHC, we are able to evaluate you for depression and recommend appropriate treatment, including light therapy.

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Further information on SAD can be found at University or British Columbia Website (http://www.ubcsad.ca/)

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